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The CASUAL sauna is compatible with the extras below:


The CASUAL sauna is the attention point of all for its harmonic design. Apart from its high quality, it is attractive for its exceptional equipment, for its large variety of accessories it allows and for its excellent finishings. Integrally elaborated in Scandinavian fir-tree, or in hemlock wood. The CASUAL sauna has a number of exclusive details, such as the comfortable back stand or the fashionable lighting. Finishings that, doubtlessly, will involve you. Thanks to the large surfaces and to the headrests designed to guarantee the maximum comfort, you will enjoy a pleasant bath.

Space will not be a problem, as the size of this sauna can vary in intervals of 10 cm. You can choose the exterior cladding in Scandinavian fir-tree or in hemlock wood. It can also be equipped with supplements as a mirror, windows and towel hangers. The sauna heater, which has a VDE certificate, is thought to offer lasting efficiency. You will get an optimal climate, thanks to the S1 control unit, which program is so easy. You will be able to complement the sauna CASUAL with the option of soft steam, with the SUBLIMA hidden heater, or with the accessory pack, containing a thermometer, a sand-glass, bucket and ladle. No detail will miss, you only have to enjoy your CASUAL sauna.

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